Equality and Diversity Training and Consulting

Helping you to:

Mainstream equality
Reduce risk of discrimination
Meet the Equality Duty
Increase organisational diversity




Commonly, people think that equality is about treating everybody the same way. While correct in some aspects, equality isn’t just about taking the same approach for everyone – it’s about tailoring your approach to cater for individual needs and preferences. Catering for these preferences means that your organisation can engage with a more diverse group of staff, customers and other stakeholders.

The diversity of our country is increasing, and this should not be seen just in terms of ethnic diversity. More of us are prepared to disclose information about our protected characteristics wheras before we may have been reluctant to do so. Societal barriers are beginning to break down. This is due in part to legislation – for example, the legal entitlement to share maternity leave has had a positive impact on the occupational stereotype that women are primarily responsible for child care. Our schools make our children aware of inclusion and the importance of valuing different cultures and beliefs.

We are certainly doing more than we used to, but we are not there yet. For example, the equal pay gap remains significant, and black and minority ethnic groups are less likely to hold civic posts. Well intentioned people can indirectly discriminate against protected groups because of a lack of awareness.

This is why we need to make sure that we are raising awareness of equality and diversity with staff. It’s not just the ethical approach – it’s the right business approach, because it will help us reduce risk, comply with the law, attract and retain staff, and help us make sure that our services are used by, and are accessible to, all.